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What is Broadband equipment?

Router: The more the merrier:

Choosing broadband equipment: A broadband router is a device that links networks. Broadband routers are usually used in homes or small businesses. Routers can offer security and firewall capabilities. However, the main benefit is the router links two or more computers to the same internet service. This means you'd only have to pay for one account. Before running out to get one make sure your service allows this type of networking.

What computer do I need to make broadband effective?

Computer: The Key Component

To really take advantage of everything broadband has to offer you when choosing broadband equipment,you should invest in a more current computer. I mean yeah, it's great that you can download applications in a blink of an eye. Though, if you can't run on ‘em on your antique PC what's the point? Plus, another reason to upgrade is if you're into online games. Today's complex games are a couple million steps above two sticks hitting a square dot. So you'd probably want to make sure you have a powerful processor, lots of memory, plus an updated video card. Anything less and you could experience lots of lag time when playing.

What are the facts about cable modems?

Modems make it happen

DSL? Cable? Either way, to take advantage of any of these broadband services you need a modem, the central component of broadband equipment. In most cases the cable provider does offer a broadband modem with the service. However, if your broadband service allows you to purchase your own modem you might want to look into it. Not only can you save money, but you can also get the exact size you want. However, if something does happens to the modem it probably wouldn't be covered under your provider service warrantee.

How do you use a webcam?

Wonders of WebCam:

Another handy piece of broadband equipment is a webcam. This mini camera offers people the chance to have face-to-face conversations through the computer. Plus, because they're inexpensive and easy to use webcam sites are popping up all over. Aside from the obvious naughty uses, webcam sites can give you a closer look at sports stadiums, landmarks, even traffic conditions on highways. Though, before you buy one make sure the webcam will be compatible with your computer.

What is Lynx?

Lynx - The little browser that could:

Not too long ago the internet was in the beginning stages. It didn't have all the visual bells and whistles it has today. This was mostly due to the fact that computers were built with a lot less power. Plus, dial up modems offered slow surfing. Back then if people wanted information fast they had the option of using a browser called -- Lynx. This is a text only browser that doesn't show pictures. So it doesn't waste power and time displaying visuals. Today, this site is still around. It's mostly used by people with low powered or limited systems. Linx is also useful for people that are visually impaired.

What is the difference between wired and wireless broadband routers?

Router: Get Wired or Wireless:

An Ethernet network is a network that connects everything to the router with cables. In contrast a wireless network uses a wireless broadband router that sends signals to the devices. Having no wires obviously makes set up a cinch and saves space. Plus, a wireless broadband router gives you the freedom to move around. However, Ethernet connections are still generally faster and are much less costly than their wireless counterpart. If you're still undecided you can purchase routers like the Linksys, which offers the best of both worlds.

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