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How much does it cost to get broadband?

Broadband Billing:

Broadband has also made bill paying much easier on our lives. In seconds you can go online and use your bank to pay a bill. Plus, you can even go to the company site itself and pay the bill with a debit or credit card. The days of licking stamps and cramping up over check writing are numbered. Though, the one thing lost in this fast pace e-billing system is people aren't as careful. If the bill isn't a paper printout right in front of your face you might be less likely to look at it. Also, some people set up automatic payments so the computer pays their bills so they don't even have to see it. If you elected to pay for your broadband ISP service online you might not want to do an automatic payment until a couple of months into the service. This will at least give you the chance to check the bill first just to make sure no hidden fees were unnecessarily added on.

What is a Broadband ISP?

ISP: Know what you're getting:

What is broadband ISP? ISP, stands for Internet Service provider. This refers to any company that distributes a service that can give you access to the internet. Until recent years dial up was it. That all changed with broadband. Today, there are all kinds of Internet Service providers that offer broadband. The problem with this is it's hard to know if all of these companies are on the up and up. Of course, the big ones like AOL and Comcast are legitimate. What about the smaller ones? If you are still unsure after asking around you might want to consult the Better Business Bureau. They can tell you if a company is flying high or a fly by night.

Can you use broadband with AOL?

FYI about AOL:

AOL has been in the ISP biz for quite some time. It made its mark with dial up. Now AOL offers broadband service. AOL is a unique company because it is a giant in this industry yet, it only focuses on internet service. True, it has merged with Time Warner, but it still seems to run independently. The good thing about AOL is the history most people have with it. Most likely you had ‘em as a dial up ISP so all you'd be doing is upgrading. You would still be able to keep your AOL email. The other reason you might want to sign on is features. AOL for Broadband offers all kinds services such as multiple email addresses, virus protection, instant messaging, plus a ton of other stuff. Plus, AOL Broadband is also constantly upgrading their system. So you'll never have to worry about not having the right versions.

How easy is broadband?

ISP as easy as 1,2,3:

There are the obvious reasons for choosing an ISP like price and features. Then there are the not so obvious reasons. One feature you might not think about is if the ISP is user friendly. This would be hard to consider anyway because you haven't had a chance to use it yet. Though, for the most part ISPs have developed a semi industry standard when it comes to certain features -- like email and instant messenger. However, if you really are concerned you might want to test-drive the ISP system before buying. Super stores with computer departments sometimes have demos of ISP services set up for just this reason.

Are there fees associated with cancelling a broadband isp contract?

ISP Contract canceling:

There are a number of reasons why you would need to suddenly cancel your broadband ISP service. You might be moving. You could have upgraded computer systems. You found a better deal. There's always something. The problem is canceling your current ISP contract. In most cases if you have a month-to-month plan it shouldn't be much of an issue. However, double- check this with your provider. Some ISPs actually charge a cancellation fee when terminating a contract before a certain time period.

How can you get broadband at home?

Home away from home access:

What is broadband ISP and what can it do for me? Using a wireless broadband ISP offers you the ability to stay connected on the road. However, sometimes you don't even need it. Businesses like coffee shops, printing stores, hotels, even magazine stores are starting to take advantage of this broadband revolution. In some cases (like hotels) you will have a DSL phone line you can hook into your laptop. Then for an hourly rate you can surf the net on their ISP. Another way that shops offer broadband is letting you rent out a computer station. Again, you'll most likely be charged an hourly rate. Though, included in this rate you might also get access to their software, printer and scanner.

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