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What is a Broadband service provider?

A broad range of provider options:

A broadband service provider is short for ISP (internet service provider). Basically it means the company you get your broadband service from. These companies offer either Cable or DSL. In most cases these broadband providers also offer other stuff like cable TV or phone service. The best thing to keep in mind when choosing one of these companies is finding out what the actual broadband package includes. The most standard package usually offers: access to the net, an email address and a modem.

What can you use as broadband overseas?

Broadband abroad:

America isn't the only country with broadband. When choosing a broadband service provider you can also consider broadband providers abroad. It exists all over the world. Companies like Telewest and Tesco are virtually unknown on this side of the pond, but across the Atlantic is a different story. Most likely you'd never come in contact with these companies unless you are overseas for business or pleasure. If you do have to use one of these companies know that you are pretty much dealing with the same technology. However, the differences occur in other areas like cost. On top of the money conversion the lack of technology capabilities in an area could make broadband a lot more expensive than the states. Also, because of language and custom differences service could also serve up some issues. Though, on the plus side, in some high tech areas (like Japan) you might have access to technology that's not yet available in the states.

What are features of MSN broadband?

The might of MSN:

Another option in the broadband service arena is going big league and signing up through Msn. Using Msn is a little different than using other broadband service providers. The main difference is Msn will use other local providers to give you the actually hook up to the net. Msn then provides the package extras. It offers the user a lot of services like internet virus protection, firewall, pop up protection, email, plus all kinds of software. It also searches out the best provider in your area for you to use. Usually the cost to add Msn to your provider amounts to just $10 more than the original cost.

Should I consider AT&T as a broadband service provider?

Connecting with AT&T:

If you haven't logged on to or paid attention to the business news you probably wouldn't have known AT&T Broadband is no more. It actually merged with Comcast a couple of years ago. While a lot of negative anti-establishment things can be said about mergers it does have some benefits. Fore instance, now you not only get broadband service, but you can also have phone service and cable tv. The whole enchilada. If Comcast does service your area you might want to consider this. Having one company offering all 3 things is pretty convenient in the service and billing area. Plus, if you do decide to take advantage of all the services check to see if they offer any package deals.

Tell me about Insight and Atlantic broadband service providers.

Broadband with Insight or Atlantic:

Choosing a broadband provider: If you move from New York to Kentucky a lot of things change. The most obvious is the weather. The other things you'll find different are sports teams, restaurants, food and yes cable companies. Across the country there are many different kinds of cable companies devoted to certain areas. One of those companies is called Insight. This Broadband service provider offers broadband & Digital Cable TV. It services areas in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Still another more localized company that services areas on the east coast is called Atlantic Broadband. As compared to the giant companies that offer a ton of services these broadband providers are a bit more specialized. A good reason for going with these type of companies is that they are focused on one type of service and don't spread themselves to thin. So when it does come time to getting repair help you won't be tossed around their phone lines for hours.

Are there package deals with broadband service providers and computer companies?

Provider Pals

Broadband service providers understand the fact that they wouldn't be in business if not for computers. Computers have also seen their stock jump because of the internet. To profit from this relationship both sides tend to offer package deals together. Providers will offer big savings if you buy a certain computer through them. You might also see a huge discount on a provider when buying a computer. These relationships become more evident when you turn on your computer for the first time. A lot of times on the desktop you'll see icons for possible providers you can sign with.

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