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What is a Broadband Satellite?

Satellite – Beaming Broadband:

Believe it or not everyone on this planet has access to DSL or Cable service. If you are one of those unfortunate souls you do have alternate options. All you need to do is reach for the stars – literally. Now, aside from tv you can also order broadband from satellite companies. It is pretty much the same set up as a satellite tv service. You buy a satellite dish. Install it on the roof. Aim it up. And broadband service is beamed to your home. Though, it sounds like a simple process you should probably leave the installation to the professionals. Unless, you want to spend 8 hours on your roof.

What are the good parts and bad parts of sattelite broadband?

Ups and Downs of Satellite Broadband:

More broadband satellite advice: In the early days of satellite broadband service you couldn't take uploading and downloading for granted. This service was actually offered first as a one way type system. Meaning, you needed to send your internet requests through dial-up and then you'd receive your information through satellite signals. As you might've guessed this process was a bit tricky to implement. Thankfully, the second generation of these satellites offer two way systems. This means they work in a similar fashion to DSL and cable. Using only one system.

Do I need a professional to install a sattelite?

Ready? Aim! Broadband:

Probably the best scenario is that you will have a professional install a dish for you. However, if problems do arise and you have to position your dish you should be aware of certain things. First, the satellite dish must have a clear line of site. Avoid aiming the dish at trees and buildings. The broadband satellite signal will not be able to reach your home if anything is obstructing its path. Second, make sure you know where the satellite is located. Using a compass will be a big help. Also, when realigning the dish allow 5 to 10 seconds between every movement. This will give the dish time to run a signal scan and lock in on the satellite. Again, the best thing to do would be to save yourself adjustment aggravation and call a professional.

What happens if it snows on my sattelite?

Create a non-sticky situation:

Broadband satellite advice: Snow is not a friend to the satellite dish and therefore not a friend to your satellite broadband. A blanket of white could easily black out your broadband connection. Turning your dish into a non-stick surface could help a lot. So before a snowstorm consider spraying your dish surface with cooking spray. Another way to create a slick surface is using car wax. Whatever you decide to do consult your owner's manual before you attempt to do anything.

Is there home satellite broadband?

Sending Satellite to the masses:

Companies that actually offer Satellite service are now hitting the broadband marketplace. One such Company that offers this type of home satellite broadband service is Wild Blue. They offer a broadband service that is up to 30 times faster than dial up. Their service offers the same as most providers. Website space. Email. Plus, the ability to link up with providers like AOL. However, one of the differences with using Wild Blue is cost. Wild Blue charges an upfront fee for the equipment on top of their monthly fee.

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