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What is broadband boosting?

Boosting is nothing to boast about:

Learn about broadband speed. More and more people are dropping dial up. True, the low price still keeps some customers. However, the dwindling numbers have forced dial up to come up with other tactics such as modem speed boosters. Tests do prove that with speed boosters, logging onto sites is a bit faster. However, you'd still experience the same slowness when it comes to downloading music files or emails. So before buying into the booster experience you might want to read the fine print on the company brochure.

How can I test my broadband?

Clock your computer:

You get what you pay for. Well how do you know that's true for broadband? I mean, oh sure, they tell you that you can download something at X Mbps, but how can you prove it? Well, there are certain sites that have put together these broadband speed tests. Essentially, what these broadband speed checks do is measure the rate of data transfer – the bandwidth. These tests also measure your broadband connection speed (how fast you access the net). If you do sign up for one of these tests remember other external factors can alter the results. Two of the more popular problems are lack of processor power & internet traffic.

What is a Broadband speed?

Leaves Dial up in the dust:

It doesn't matter if you go with DSL or Cable. Either way you'll experience noticeable faster speeds than dial up. The difference in the speed is due to the wiring. Both cable and DSL wires we're pretty much designed with the single purpose in mind -- broadband. While dial up uses phone wires made for the phone first and internet second. If broadband speed is a big factor in your broadband decision making process you might want to consider cable over DSL This is because cable can offer a more consistent speed no matter where you live.

Do providers give speed information?

Providers, providing speed answers:

Aside from the private sites, the best place to look to test your broadband speed is with your provider. Usually the testing program is available on your provider's homepage. Though, if you have trouble finding you can always contact them for more information. A great reason to have it done by your provider is the solution factor. Not only will your provider tell you the results, but also offer solutions to your speed problem. Plus, general tips to prevent problems like this from occurring again. Before implementing this test check with your provider to make sure this is a free service (so you won't receive any extra charges).

What about speed and broadband?

Hitting a speed bump:

Broadband, like anything else on this planet is not perfect. From time to time you will experience problems like slow speeds. If you do experience slow site connection times there are a couple of quick broadband tests you can do to find out if it's service or the site. First, hit the stop icon (usually located at the top part of your browser page). This will stop the loading all together. Then hit the refresh key (located in the same area) to see if the site loads again at the same slow speed. If the same thing happens try logging onto a more popular site (like a news channel site). If the same thing still happens you can also try resetting the computer. If you do wind up calling your service provider find out if there are any disruptions in the area before you set up an appointment.

How can I improve my connection speed?

Crank up your connection speed:

There is actually a way you can increase your broadband speeds without having to upgrade your service. True, one of the more costly ways would be to kick your computer into high gear by adding more powerful parts. However, another way lies within the modem. It is possible to tweak its settings so that it runs more efficiently. You could take it apart, but if you're not well versed in computer repair that could create problems. However, since all the settings are located within the computer the easier approach would be to get a program. Let it do the speed alterations for you. There's alot you can learn about broadband speed.

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