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What is free broadband?

The facts of Free broadband:

"There's no such thing as a free lunch," couldn't be more true in the case of free broadband service. Unless the provider is your grandma there probably is a catch. Most providers actually offer you free broadband as a tool to get you to sign up. Of course this “free” broadband probably exists for a couple of months then you pay the full rate. Though, just cause a provider offers free broadband doesn't mean you should be overly skeptical. Just be wary of how much their idea of “free” will cost you in the long run.

What kind of perks make broadband less expensive?

No Hassle / No cost:

About cheap broadband: Sometimes instead of free service, broadband providers will kick in other things. They might offer free parts like a modem. Some companies also offer free installation. This usually means a person will actually install the broadband service for you. However, it's best to confirm that promise. Some places might offer this free deal, but on the basis that you install everything yourself.

How can I get discounts on broadband access?

Savings is in session

One way to get heavily discounted broadband is if you are going to or are affiliated with a college. Usually the whole school is on their own network. Because this network services thousands of providers they can offer it at a big discount. There's probably also no set up fee since most of the dorms are ready to accept broadband. The other advantage is since you're on a school network you'll have easier access to school information like class schedules and grades. Some schools also offer free broadband access in their library. Though, the term free is used rather loosely here since you did have to shell out for tuition.

What is a Broadband ?

Broadband Basics:

The Internet has always been known as the superhighway of information. However, the ironic part was accessing this super highway used to be super slow because of dial up. Broadband change that. Broadband technology speeds past dial up in connection and surfing speeds. The way broadband works is it uses a type of bandwidth transmission that can carry multiple voice, video or data channels all at once. This ability creates a high speed, high capacity service.

What is cheap Broadband ?

Searching for Savings:

More about cheap broadband: There are all kinds of savings & deals out there in cyber space. You just need to know how to find ‘em. One of the latest ways to do this is use sites that search for the best rates for you. These saving searchers can help you find anything from the cheapest digital cameras, cars, even houses. It also works with finding broadband providers. Most of these search sites are free (since they survive on advertising dough or relationships with providers). The only thing you might have to do to begin the search is type in a bit of information. Stuff about where you live. Plus, what type of broadband service you are looking for. Usually you'll get a list of not only the cheapest services, but what's also available in your area. However, when using these sites be careful about what kinds of information you divulge about yourself. If they ask for any credit information it could be a scam.

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