Ready your home to be Cable ready:

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How do I make my home broadband cable ready?

Ready your home to be Cable ready:

Room architecture dictates how a room will be decorated. Say you have an amazing couch, but it's too big for every wall except one. You obviously know where you have to put the couch. Cable also has its say when it comes to decorating. When the cable company comes to install cable, keep in mind it will usually come from one area of the house. Then the company will use splitters and coaxial cable to install cable/broadband into all of your TVs and computers. Unfortunately, coaxial cable is a bit thick so it usually needs to be stapled to the wall so it doesn't get in the way. Keep this in the back of your head when creating your computer station. Having a computer desk right in the middle of the room might cause cumbersome wire problems. Your best bet is placing the desk against a wall.



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