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Who offers what broadband cable internet services?

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Broadband cable guide: In the communication & cable realm, companies have fallen into two categories. Those that offer you a whole range of services (cable, internet & telephone). And those that specialize in only one specific service like broadband. AT&T (a giant in the field of communication) had teamed up with Comcast years ago so it could offer its customers all kinds of services. The advantage is a company like this can offer service package deals. Another advantage is a company with this much capital is usually pretty up to speed with cutting edge technology. As a result they can also offer any of these new advances to the customer. Of course you could always go down the specialized company route like Atlantic Cable (an east coast broadband company.) The advantage here is they are a more specialized company. So they can focus all of their resources on providing & servicing cable broadband for its customer base. Instead of the giant conglomerates that split their focus on numerous service areas.



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