Firewall – Fighting file theft:

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How do you use a firewall with broadband access?

Firewall – Fighting file theft:

More broadband internet access tips: Putting 100% trust in anything is a bit naïve. Especially a place like the internet. If you think you can surf around and create little or no problems for yourself and your computer -- you're sadly mistaken. There are a lot of weird characters that can use the internet to access your computer. Some access computers to steal files. In some cases they are after song or movie files you might have. Though, worst case scenario, they're after your personal information. The best protection against cyber theft is a firewall system. This program gives you the security to surf the net, yet keep people from accessing your computer. Firewall protection is a popular security with big business systems. The good news is now consumers can also get this added protection. Plus, most broadband providers now provide firewall for free. Though, you might want to check when ordering your service.



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