Give your computer a virus vaccination:

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How do you prevent computer viruses with broadband cable?

Give your computer a virus vaccination:

Broadband internet access opens up your computer to all kinds of great things the internet has to offer. However, it can also open you up to the dreaded computer virus. Most of the time you fall victim to a virus when you download an unknown email. Another way is downloading files from share sites. Once inside your computer a virus spreads itself around, destroying anything it comes in contact with. Sometimes it even spreads itself out through your email contact list and can attack other computers. The best guard against a virus is abstinence. Don't open or download any emails if you are unsure of the sender. Another way is with virus protection software. Usually a broadband service does provide this for free. However, you might want to buy a separate more sophisticated program that can detect all kinds of these viral monsters. Whichever software you go with remember to update often. Unfortunately, cyber viruses are always mutating.



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