Setting your sights on a site:

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How do I set up an online business with broadband?

Setting your sights on a site:

Broadband internet access has done wonders for big business. Today, there are major corporations that do millions of dollars worth of business that exist solely on the net. Setting up shop online is more tempting today than it ever was. Broadband internet access makes it easier and faster than ever to set up or update your site. Of course you also save money setting up a virtual store instead of buying or renting real retail space. When finding e-space to host your site try to look for a deal with the most memory (in case you increase your inventory.) Also, if you are not a computer wiz try finding a site host that has templates so you can build the site by picking & choosing elements instead of designing it yourself, from the ground up. Last, and probably most important -- make sure you offer a way to accept credit or debit card payments.



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