FYI about AOL:

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Can you use broadband with AOL?

FYI about AOL:

AOL has been in the ISP biz for quite some time. It made its mark with dial up. Now AOL offers broadband service. AOL is a unique company because it is a giant in this industry yet, it only focuses on internet service. True, it has merged with Time Warner, but it still seems to run independently. The good thing about AOL is the history most people have with it. Most likely you had ‘em as a dial up ISP so all you'd be doing is upgrading. You would still be able to keep your AOL email. The other reason you might want to sign on is features. AOL for Broadband offers all kinds services such as multiple email addresses, virus protection, instant messaging, plus a ton of other stuff. Plus, AOL Broadband is also constantly upgrading their system. So you'll never have to worry about not having the right versions.



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