Broadband abroad:

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What can you use as broadband overseas?

Broadband abroad:

America isn't the only country with broadband. When choosing a broadband service provider you can also consider broadband providers abroad. It exists all over the world. Companies like Telewest and Tesco are virtually unknown on this side of the pond, but across the Atlantic is a different story. Most likely you'd never come in contact with these companies unless you are overseas for business or pleasure. If you do have to use one of these companies know that you are pretty much dealing with the same technology. However, the differences occur in other areas like cost. On top of the money conversion the lack of technology capabilities in an area could make broadband a lot more expensive than the states. Also, because of language and custom differences service could also serve up some issues. Though, on the plus side, in some high tech areas (like Japan) you might have access to technology that's not yet available in the states.



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