The point about wireless access:

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What is wireless broadband access?

The point about wireless access:

More about broadband access: The area in which computers need to link up to receive broadband is called an access point. It is also known (more appropriately) as a wireless access point in the wireless world. When looking at a wired network it's pretty easy to understand how broadband gets delivered. The wire from the cable outlet feeds into the modem. The modem feeds into the computer. Done. Wireless is a different story. Yes, you have the access point that transmits the broadband. Plus, you have the adapters on the computers that receive it. So how does the broadband travel? Frequencies. To do this, companies had teamed up with the government and created a standard frequency that all equipment could sync properly. The type of wireless frequency developed was known as WiFi. This frequency falls under the number 802.11. Today, the part of the number that has been changing are letters that are attached to it - 802.11b, 802.11g. These letters basically refer to the improved speeds that the broadband service is transmitted. When becoming involved with wireless broadband access it's probably best to familiarize yourself with these frequencies so your up to speed on access speeds.



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