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What is a DSL modem?

DSL modems that make sense:

Broadband DSL Tip: Most DSL providers do provide a modem for free, which is hard to beat. However, you might want to consider adding a couple of bucks to add on a modem with features. Some DSL modems are designed to also offer other things like firewall protection. Others can serve as a router for your network. And some are even wireless. Though, whatever modem you buy make sure it has the ability to upgrade.

Why do DSL?

Why do DSL?

More broadband DSL tips: In a head-to-head speed comparison, cable does beat out DSL Broadband for the most part. However, if you are looking for flexibility and price you might want to rethink going with cable. Price wise low-end DSL packages on average are cheaper than its cable counterpart. While it might not be a big difference, over a number of years the savings does adds up. Though, probably the best reason is flexibility. With DSL all you need is a phone jack and your up and running. With cable you're at the mercy of where the cable outlet is set up. Plus, cable lines are much more cumbersome than phone wires.

How does AOL work with DSL?

The AOL add on:

The problem with some AOL dial up diehards is once they finally make the switch to DSL they feel like their AOL e-identity is lost forever. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be the case. AOL does offer a unique feature on their AOL for Broadband service. It can piggyback onto your new provider. So even though you'll be using a new service you'll still have a choice of accessing the net through AOL. Also, because you are using another provider, AOL for Broadband usually charges less for this type of service.

What is a DSL filter?

Facts about Filters:

DSL and phone service don't always work well side by side. For this reason, you need to install a filter. What this does is literally block the DSL Broadband signals from wreaking havoc on your phone system. Users that neglect to use filters may experience static or hissing noises when trying to use the phone. The filter also prevents phones from doing damage to DSL. A lack of a filter might ‘cause a lag in DSL speed. To work, filters need to be installed on the phone jack or on specific phone devices.

What is ADSL?

Actually, it's ADSL:

Most phone companies that offer DSL are actually offering ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Service). Essentially it means that the ADSL bandwidth is not equal in both directions. Usually, the service is stronger for receiving info as apposed to sending it. ADSL tends to be offered in areas that are equipped with phone lines, but ill-equipped for cable broadband. The biggest advantage to ADSL Broadband is it usually is offered at a lower cost than other broadband services. Which comes in handy when trying to set up a small business for the superhighway.

What is Broadband DSL?

DSL: The next generation of Dial Up:

Broadband DSL (Digital Subscribe Line) is a method of receiving broadband service through telephone lines. DSL lines are essentially two copper wires twisted together. This is done to reduce all types of electric interference. The best way to get this service is obviously through the telephone company. Though when ordering pay careful attention to the details of the package. Broadband DSL service packages come in a range of broadband speeds.

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