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What are some Broadband reviews & guides?

The Broadband Brain overload:

There's no question that broadband makes life easier. The question is which broadband service will do the trick. DSL? Cable? There are advantages to using both. Then of course you need to consider the whole network thing. It's a lot to decide. The best thing to do is make a mental checklist. Ask yourself what you will be using broadband for. Figure out where you want the computer and if it's close to phone or cable outlets. And last, figure out what you can afford to spend. Just remember, whatever the total for the monthly bill is factor in a bit more bucks for taxes.

What are the benefits of using broadband?

Ask before buying

The good thing about all of those super electronic stores is they usually employ pretty knowledgeable people. So, when shopping for a computer system you might as well kill two birds with one stone. Ask questions not only about the system you're buying, but what broadband provider would work best with it. Ask about the benefits of using that type of broadband service. Depending on the store you might even get printed information that provider has supplied. Plus, some providers even have relationships with stores so you could get some sort of service discount as well.

How do you rate a broadband provider?

The ratings game:

One other way to choose the right broadband service is with ratings charts. Usually these charts are found on the same sites you'd find the reviews. Only rather than reading a review that talks about one service, a ratings chart compares three or four services at once. The chart is usually set up like a football pool. On one side you have a list of standard broadband features and on the top are a list of the companies. Then in each box there is usually a tiny blurb about how each company handles each feature. Ratings charts are the easy way to compare a whole mess of services and features without using up a whole mess of your time.

Can I find broadband tech guides?

Buy the book:

Guys do have a tendency of not asking for directions when they're lost. This is not a mantra you should adopt when dealing with broadband problems. One wrong stroke of the keyboard or click of the mouse could cause costly problems for your system. The best thing to do is equip yourself with up-to-date guides. If you're not that tech savvy to begin with you might want to consider a beginners guide to the internet and broadband. This way you'll not only get answers to your problems, but it will also be in a language you can understand.

What broadband providers are out there?

Review before buying:

Type of broadband is only part of the decision. Next thing you have to figure out is which provider you want. Of course you want to choose someone with the best price and service. However, there might be things about the provider you might not be aware of. So before buying, hit the net and look up broadband reviews of providers. Reviews also are useful when buying hardware like modems, servers or routers. Of course, review reviews like you're getting a second opinion from a doc. ‘Cause reviews don't always have share the same opinions about products. So the more you look -- the better.

What help should I expect from my broadband provider?

A provider that provides help:

Service is a big factor when choosing a service provider. We're not just talking making sure the repairmen comes between -12 – 2:30. It's also about service you can access online when you have a problem. Most of the big providers have online tech people available 24/7. Usually they talk to you through some sort of instant messenger system to make things go faster. Another helpful service online providers provide are directories. Like the phone book these broadband directories offer e-addresses for people & businesses. Some even offer links to their websites. Check out different broadband reviews before you choose a service provider.

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