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How are broadband videos and broadband phones related?

Broadband brings video to calls:

One other major advantage to broadband phone calls is you can actually place video calls. So you can see who you're talking too. To do this all you need is a webcam and a service that allows video calls. When buying a webcam for this purpose treat it like you're buying a digital camera. Picture quality is very important. Though, since the technology is relatively new don't expect to get the sharpest, HDTV-like video quality.

What are Broadband phones?

Providers provide calling plans:

Broadband doesn't just offer high-speed internet connection. Broadband is used for cable tv and more recently as a phone service called VoIp (Voice over Internet Protocol.) Now broadband phone companies have been created that offer you the ability to make calls using the same technology for internet access. You make the calls right from your computer. The main advantage of this service is when it comes to making long distance calls. It follows closely with the principles of net surfing. After all, you wouldn't pay long distance fees when you're surfing on international sites. However, be prepared, as the government gets more immersed in the internet, new fees could start popping up.

What is Voice over IP?

Broadband phone faults:

While the broadband phone system gets more advanced everyday there are still problems you should be aware of. Voice quality is one of the top issues when choosing broadband phones. Unfortunately, because the internet bandwidth varies disturbances can occur with conversations. The voice might drop out, you might experience lag in the conversation or even an echo. Another problem is compatibility. If someone isn't using the same platform for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls there's probably a chance you won't be able to talk to each other. Though as broadband technology improves so to shall the VoIp call.

Can you use instant messenger on a broadband phone?

Instant phone with instant messenger:

Another perk to choosing broadband phones is instant messenger. Instant messenger is jumping on the broadband phone bandwagon. Aside from the ability to send quick e-notes back and forth some systems also feature the use of audio. So you can chat, while chatting. Plus, on computers with webcams you can also video chat through your IM system. Though, compared to a broadband phone service IM is a bit crude. You can't dial numbers like you can on a soft phone. You can only access people on your list.

Can I use a headset with a broadband phone?

Headset instead of a headache:

An internet phone isn't a physical device like a regular telephone. The phone pad itself exists on the computer, which is why some call it a soft phone. Most computers are equipped with internal microphones. So you can literally talk to your friends by speaking into the computer screen. Though, this might be cool for the first 5 minutes, you'll probably start to miss the mobility of your cordless. Of course an easy fix to this is a wireless headset. So you're not only screen free, but hands free as well.

How can I use a broadband phone for business?

Virtual business meetings:

The days of flying around the country or globe has been greatly reduced with the invention of broadband. Now, through the magic of internet phone technology you can host these virtual meetings. The cost is considerably less than a plane ticket. Another advantage of this service is data can be shared much easier. Also these type meetings can occur more often. Plus, multitasking is also made simple since you don't have to leave your desk to attend a meeting.

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