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How do I bring broadband to my business or home?

2 ways to bring in Broadband:

What is Broadband?

In the technology world there is no one perfect answer when it comes to servicing your needs. There are multiple options. The same holds true with choosing a broadband service. The two main types are cable or a digital subscriber line (DSL). DSL operates from the phone. The other operates from your cable. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Though , whatever way you go with always look into package deals when dealing with your providers. Paying one price for cable TV, internet & phone will save you a bunch of bucks than paying for each one separately.

What is a bit? What is a byte?

Bit vs. Byte

Sending and receiving data in a set time is known as bandwidth. Now here's the tricky party. Bandwidth is measured in two ways: bits (bps) & bytes (Bps). There are 8 bits in a byte. So when it comes to comparing speeds of broadband devices pay careful attention. Going with a lower case “b” over an upper case could leave you short on speed.

How do I upload with broadband?

Ups & Downs of uploading:

In the course of an e-day you probably don't realize how many types of files you upload and send. There are photos. Music files. Plus, in the business world you have PowerPoint and Word files. While using broadband does make this a pretty simple and quick task you should still pay attention to file sizes. The bigger the size the more time it takes. So if you tend to send a lot of large files you might want to save space by using file compression software.

What is broadband?

Update Interruption:

"We interrupt your net surfing experience with a special update!"

Systems like media players and virus protectors are constantly updating themselves. The problem is if you don't have these updated systems you might not be able to access internet sites. Plus, you might leave your computer defenseless against the latest virus Du Jour. Since broadband is capable of downloading files in the blink of an eye you'll experience minimum interruption during this process. What once took hours now takes minutes or even seconds. Though, before you download anything make sure you're computer has the memory and processor ability to handle the update.

How do fiber optics work with broadband?

You can never get enough fiber:

Getting broadband service and finding out what is broadband is only half the battle. You also have to figure out what's the best way to sync your computer up to the provider. You can go wired or wireless. If you do go the wired route your choices don't end there. You can go with fiber optics, coaxial cable, twisted pair cabling or even power lines. Fiber optic cable is made of thin strands of glass. Which makes it much thinner and lighter than their coaxial counterpart. This design allows it to have a greater bandwidth, plus experience less interference.

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