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Does broadband tv have anything to do with local cable providers?

Broadband brings TV to the next level:

Not too long ago what you were able to watch on TV depended on what your local cable company offered. If you didn't get a certain channel the best you could do was call 'em up and hope they'd eventually carry the channel. The creation of broadband gave consumers new options. They were no longer chained to local service. People could subscribe to a satellite TV service like Direct TV Broadband and choose from hundreds of channels. This broadband tv service is also able to customize itself to the subscriber. People that eat sleep and breath football can get packages where they get to watch every game going on in the country. Movie lovers could choose from hundreds of movie channels. Broadband Cable TV basically gives consumers control of their remote control.

Are there broadband video players?

Media is your friend:

Yes, broadband gives you the power to watch video. However, in order to watch broadband TV you need a default video player. True - some of these players work better on other systems (ex. Quicktime for Mac). The problem is websites don't all use the same media player to display their video. Your best bet is to make sure your computer is equipped with a variety of these players. Though, when downloading, make sure your download the media player version made for your computer.

Can I see shows whenever I want on internet tv?

Watch TV when you want:

Direct TV and other cable companies are now starting to take a page or two from the internet. Oh sure, with cable you could order movies with a click of the remote, but that was about it…until now. Now with DVR (digital video recorder) your cable box can record your favorite shows and store them for as long as you'd like. Plus, when you watch the show you can pause, rewind and fast forward. You also have some of those same functions with live tv. The system comes with a certain amount of memory space for show storage. Though, be warned this space gets used up quickly (especially when you set up programs to be recorded every week.)

What is a Broadband Internet Television?

Turn the computer into a TV:

Thankfully, broadband has also helped end the pain of watching a video on the net. What once seemed like a transmission from Apollo 18 is now crisp and clear. Having a powerful bandwidth also allows you to view streaming video footage. Streaming video essentially means you can see the video right away as opposed to waiting to download the file first to view it. When viewing video on the computer just remember that it's not a big screen TV. For the sharpest picture keep the viewing screen on the small side. As you go larger the picture will tend to break up.

Can I see public access tv via broadband television?

Watching TV on the Web:

During our channel surfing lives most of us have come across public access TV stations. Associated through colleges or the town, these channels usually show quirky off beat talk shows or documentaries. Before broadband tv, people were confined to watching only local public access stations. Now, thanks to streaming videos people can access these stations from all over the country. Even the world. Right from the computer. You can usually find a directory of all of these broadband TV stations when searching through Google or Yahoo. If you are looking to view these broadband TV shows with little ones keep in mind that because it is public access (and the FCC probably isn't watchin') there could be programs that might be questionable for kids.

Does broadband tv cost money?

What's for FREE online:

Now that broadband has changed how we watch video the possibilities our endless on what it can be used for. Even better is most of these options are FREE. You don't have to pay any extra subscriber bucks. Fore instance try checking out the news network sites to watch new news footage or old programs. Shop for car and homes online by looking at video footage of cars and neighborhoods. Check out TV show & movie trailers. Vacation spots. You can even get sports highlights of a game you missed. Plus, the best part is you can see it all anytime you want.

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