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What is Broadband access?

The Broadband club connection:

In today's high tech world if you want broadband access there are a number of ways to accomplish this – wireless broadband, satellite broadband, cable broadband & DSL broadband. Though, all of these services would be worthless if they couldn't connect to the computer. A lot of times people go nuts about their service. Rant. Yell. When all that needs to be adjusted is the computer connection. Connection issues on wired services are kinda easy to fix. In most connection cases all you need to make sure is that all cables are tightened or attached. Wireless is a bit tricky. First, you need to make sure your network adaptor cards are firmly attached to the computer, in the right slot. Though, if you are using equipment with antennas you might need to check if those are positioned correctly.

Can small businesses use broadband?

A broad range of Business services:

About broadband access: True, an internet provider would probably bend over backwards to service a giant company. However, that doesn't mean they won't give your small business the attention it deserves. This attention would just be on a much smaller scale. The only thing you need to decide is what features are vital for your service. Plus, how much you are willing to pay for it. Fore instance if you do send and receive lots of emails you'd probably need a symmetrical system. Plus, if you're company is always on the road you'd want wireless access. The best thing about providers is that they recognize that there are different sizes of businesses. Because of this, providers offer differ levels of business broadband packages at different prices. Though nothing is usually set in stone. When finalizing the details of a broadband access service you can probably swap out features from other packages. Though keep in mind, this might come at a cost.

Can I use broadband for business?

Big league Business Broadband:

Dealing with broadband for your home is a different animal all together when you compare it to broadband for business. While you might be worrying how to link a couple of computers, businesses are thinking about connecting hundreds of computers. Plus, you should also take into account that most companies have offices all over the world. Again, the best way that businesses work with this is by creating a huge network that encompasses all users. This network includes features like an internal email system and file sharing capabilities. Plus, lots of other e-ways to bring a company closer together. Big companies have also created ways to keep employees in touch when they're on business trips. One such way is creating the ability to access email through websites. So all anyone has to do is log on to the site through any broadband connection to gain access to email. If you're company has this system in place keep in mind this is an abbreviated version of the email system you have at work. Some things you might not be able to access are file folders and your contact list.

What is the deal with broadband access and gaming?

Game on, online:

Gaming systems have gotten pretty sophisticated in the last couple of years. Possibly the biggest advance (aside from graphics) is the ability to play online games with your pals. This online gaming action is accomplished by using broadband to log into a game network. To do this is pretty easy. Depending on your game system you might have to buy a broadband adapter. Then you'd sync up your system with broadband like you'd do with your computer. Just plug in the DSL or cable wire to your game and log into the network. Though, keep in mind to get to modem to sync properly with your game system you need to restart your modem.

What is wireless broadband access?

The point about wireless access:

More about broadband access: The area in which computers need to link up to receive broadband is called an access point. It is also known (more appropriately) as a wireless access point in the wireless world. When looking at a wired network it's pretty easy to understand how broadband gets delivered. The wire from the cable outlet feeds into the modem. The modem feeds into the computer. Done. Wireless is a different story. Yes, you have the access point that transmits the broadband. Plus, you have the adapters on the computers that receive it. So how does the broadband travel? Frequencies. To do this, companies had teamed up with the government and created a standard frequency that all equipment could sync properly. The type of wireless frequency developed was known as WiFi. This frequency falls under the number 802.11. Today, the part of the number that has been changing are letters that are attached to it - 802.11b, 802.11g. These letters basically refer to the improved speeds that the broadband service is transmitted. When becoming involved with wireless broadband access it's probably best to familiarize yourself with these frequencies so your up to speed on access speeds.

How do companies use broadband for business?

Surf smart at work:

It is beneficial for companies to provide each of their employees with broadband access. It makes it much easier to communicate as well as do research. Of course, it's also a plus with personal business. Usually companies won't frown on the fact if you surf the internet sparingly for personal use. However, keep in mind most large companies probably have software that monitors internet activity. Not only can a company tell how long you surf, but what sites you've accessed. So you might want to think twice before clicking on a non-politically correct link your buddy sent you.

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