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Can power be a factor with a broadband network?

The power problem:

For two computers, power problems might not be much of an issue. I mean, mostly like they are both situated in opposite ends of the house. The problem arises as you add more computers to the mix. If you start running short on space and have two computers plugged into the same outlet you could have major shortage problems. Unfortunately, a power strip doesn't help because you'd just keep adding more equipment to the same outlet. The best thing to do is to keep computers separate. You can do this by either adding an extra electrical outlet or moving the computer to another room. However, if you already have everything set up this way, you should make sure your power strip has a surge protector so you won't sizzle everything in the house if something does happen.

How cna I get help settig up my broadband network?

Network knowledge:

A network can be a bit more problematic to monitor than just one computer. I mean, when you have multiple computers and equipment working together something is bound to not get along with the group. Some obvious ways to fix network problems are to be on the lookout for loose wires. Check for an unplugged router. Make sure all of the computers are on. For more help the best thing to do is to keep a network guide handy. Plus, above all -- keep your cool with these connection problems.

What is a virtual file cabinet?

The virtual file cabinet

Ok, for most home networks you probably won't need to think extra storage. Each individual computer should be able to store its own files. However, if you have 5 or more computers under your roof you might want to rethink it. If you don't, you'll run out of storage space fast. And that could crash your whole network. NAS (network attached storage devices) are the perfect solution. This stand alone device is like a virtual file cabinet. It has a tremendous amount of storage space. It allows users to access the files. Plus, it'll keep your hard drives from having a very hard time.

How can I protect my privacy in a broadband network?

Share, share alike:

More broadband network information: Not only does a network offer the benefits of sharing external hardware, but also internal files. Microsoft Broadband Network is one such system that helps you bring your network closer together. It does this by creating community file destinations that every computer on the network can access. With this ability you can share files without having to burn disks or use email. Keep in mind because you are able to share files so easily you should make sure your network security is up to speed. One way Microsoft Broadband Network does this is by giving you the option of deciding which files get shared and which stay private.

How do I put together my broadband network?

Bringing your Network together & apart:

Broadband network information: When deciding on a network for your home it's a good idea to figure out what you will be using it for. If you know you'll be using broadband when you're only in the home your best bet is to create a LAN (Local Area Network). This system utilizes a modem that connects to a router, which in turn connects all of the computers to the network. Ethernet cable is usually used to link everything in this network. If you know you'll be on the move and still needing internet capabilities you might want to create a WAN (Wide Area Network). While this service offers you mobility it is much more pricier than a LAN system. This is because Wide Area Networks require you to buy wireless network adapters for each computer, a wireless router, plus a mobile broadband service.

What is a Broadband network?

Computer connection:

A broadband network is connecting multiple computers to one broadband service provider. DSL. Broadband. Makes no difference. Some service providers are generous and let you network all of your computers for the price of one. Though, other services add charges to your monthly fee depending on how many computers you network. The other benefit of using a network is you can also save money by sharing equipment like printers & scanners.

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