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What should I look out for using wireless broadband?

Wireless Warnings:

Wireless does have a lot of strong advantages. However, it's not without problems. Since the signals are not focused through wiring like Ethernet cables the speeds tend to be slower. Also, because of the way the signals are transmitted hackers have an easier time intercepting wireless signals. Last, but not least the ease and freedom of this system comes with a price. Adding wireless adaptors and routers to the mix definitely bumps up the cost of this type of internet access.

How do I get the best wireless broadband signal?

Keeping your distance:

What good is having a wireless system if you have to stay too close to an access point? There are two answers to this computer quandary. First is an antenna. Wireless routers with an external antenna can emit stronger signals to the receiving computers. The reason why they work better than internal antennas is they can be placed higher up. This makes transmitting stronger signals easier. Another way to create a stronger network is having a more powerful network adapter card. Simply put, more power equals a more powerful signal. Using both of these enhancements will offer you a very noticeable improvement to your wireless network.

How do I use wireless broadband?

Adapting to wireless conditions:

Before you jump into the wild wireless yonder you need to make sure you're computer has the right stuff --- A wireless network adapter. This card usually plugs in to a port on the computer. In your home it can sync up with your wireless router. Off site it works with signals known as Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) to access the internet. Lots of restaurants and public places are now offering hotspots for computer users. A Hotspot is an area that generates a strong Wi-Fi signal.

What is Broadband wireless access?

You can't see the advantage:

The advantage to wireless broadband access is what you can't see. No wires. This makes home business set up a breeze because you don't have to worry about being chained to a cable. Another obvious advantage of wireless broadband access is you have the freedom to travel. Meet with clients and still have access to your email. Wireless accounts work sorta like a cellphone. As long as you are in areas that offer strong signals you can access the net.

What can interfere with my wireless broadband access?

Indoor Interference:

Unless you have a bad connection or problems with your provider, wired broadband systems won't give you too much unpredictable trouble indoors. Wireless broadband is a different story. Everyday items could make wireless connection a horror in the house. Items that contain water are bad for signals. So keep your computer away from fish tanks, water heaters and even bathtubs. Plus, interference could come from other signal senders in the house. So avoid placing your computer near microwaves and cordless phones. And last, keep surfing by keeping your system away from any large metal lighting fixtures.

Are there discounts for businesses that use broadband?

A Broadband business perk

There are a lot of benefits you get working for a big company. In most cases there's more stability. You might have investment opportunities like profit sharing. Then there are the corporate perks. Use of the company car and gym. And sometimes (through client/vendor relationships) companies can even offer you discounts on services like broadband. So before you sign up you might want to swing by the finance or the tech department to find out what service your company uses. In most cases you'll probably get a substantial corporate discount for using the same provider. You should also check with your company if you're shopping for hardware. Some places sell their older computers at bargain prices to employees.

How do I use a wireless router with my broadband?

Routing without wires:

To set up a wireless network for wireless broadband in your home you need to connect the cable modem to a wireless broadband router. This will be the computer's access point. The unit that sends and receives signals to the computers. Aside from the lack of wiring, today's wireless broadband routers offer numerous benefits. They have firewall capabilities. They can link more than one computer. Plus, some wireless routers have the capability to encrypt the signals to offer some security against hackers.

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