Bringing your Network together & apart:

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How do I put together my broadband network?

Bringing your Network together & apart:

Broadband network information: When deciding on a network for your home it's a good idea to figure out what you will be using it for. If you know you'll be using broadband when you're only in the home your best bet is to create a LAN (Local Area Network). This system utilizes a modem that connects to a router, which in turn connects all of the computers to the network. Ethernet cable is usually used to link everything in this network. If you know you'll be on the move and still needing internet capabilities you might want to create a WAN (Wide Area Network). While this service offers you mobility it is much more pricier than a LAN system. This is because Wide Area Networks require you to buy wireless network adapters for each computer, a wireless router, plus a mobile broadband service.



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